Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Four Effective Tools To Manage Diversity Issues for Prospective Clients:

Purpose:  The primary purpose of this document is to provide prospective clients with four major strategies or tools to manage differences or diversity issues in the workplace.

Introductory Comments:
Snowell Consulting Inc. has built an an extensive history and reputation for designing and facilitating diversity training initiatives to clients within the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia suburbs, and lastly along the east coast of the United States.

Listed below are four primary ways Snowell Consulting Inc. has assisted clients with managing diversity issues: 1. Diversity training workshops, 2. Team Building (Training)Sessions, 3. Mediation Services, 4. Executive and Professional Coaching Services.

1. Diversity Training Workshops
Diversity Training can be an effective training intervention for small and large groups when Snowell Consulting Inc.:
  • Customizes training material in the form of a participant or facilitator guide to reflect the needs, problems, and concerns of our clients.
  • Presents diversity, practical tips and advice in a non-threatening manner so that the participants walk away from this type of learning opportunity feeling empowered and connecting better with each other.
  • Offers training content that involves case studies, diversity assessments, role-plays, dynamic discussions, and shows participants how to utilize and apply the information learned on a daily basis at work.
 Return and Rewards to Prospective Clients:
  • The primary return or reward to prospective clients after Snowell Consulting Inc. facilitates a diversity training workshop is that employees and managers have clearer expectations about the appropriate behaviors and actions that foster valuing differences within the workplace along with practical tips to resolve diversity conflicts within the workplace. 
2. Team Building (Training) Workshops:
Snowell Consulting Inc. has also established an excellent reputation with assisting and helping clients who are dealing with complex diversity issues by offering team building, training sessions.
 Purpose of the Team Building Sessions:
  • The primary purpose of the team building session is to address very specific issues confronting a small group where the disagreements are usually due to personality differences, communication issues, racial or cultural differences or work performance issues.

Preliminary work Before Team Building Sessions:
  • In order to conduct team building sessions, Snowell Consulting Inc. typically has a discussion with clients before delivering the team building workshop so that the training material can be customized to meet the clients' needs and so that clients know exactly the content and talking points to be mentioned in the team building sessions.  
3. Mediation Services
Snowell Consulting Inc. has also been successful at managing diversity issues by helping and assisting clients to resolve diversity issues within the workplace by conducting mediation services.

Deciding Upon Mediation Services:
  • Mediation services should be utilized when clients have a clear understanding about the primary problems and conflicts that exist between two or more employees within the workplace.
  • It is important to note that mediation as an intervention is not utilized by Snowell Consulting Inc. as a group intervention, but solely as an inter-personal intervention.
Preliminary Work Before Beginning Mediation Sessions:
  • Before starting mediation sessions, Snowell Consulting Inc. will ask that clients clearly identify the employees to participate in the mediation sessions as well as the issues and problems to be discussed during the mediation session.  
4. Executive and Professional Coaching Services
The fourth and last primary service that Snowell Consulting Inc. offers to clients facing diversity issues within their organization involves executive and professional coaching.

When To Utilize Executive and Professional Coaching:
Snowell Consulting Inc. recommends clients should utilize executive or professional coaching as an intervention to resolve diversity issues when:
  • Someone in management is the primary source or cause of the diversity conflicts within a particular department or team.
  • Executives, managers, or supervisors need to improve their people skills in general or in particular improve their ability to manage diversity issues within their team or department.
  • Managers or supervisors need to be coached regarding how to resolve various perceptions related to diversity issues or problems before implementing diversity training sessions, team building sessions, or mediation  sessions. 
  Preliminary Work Before Starting Professional Coaching Services: 
 Before coaching managers, supervisors, and professionals within the workplace, Snowell Consulting Inc. expects clients to clearly identify the skills that the person being coached needs to improve.

At the completion of the professional coaching sessions, Snowell Consulting Inc. writes an evaluation along with an assessment regarding how the person being coached has improved along with final recommendations for management. 


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